10 week DVD Creation Studies Course

Introductory Comments:  The BIBLE represents a FAITH that FITS the FACTS  Beliefs in origins, and the interpretation of scientific evidence, is biased by whether one believes in GOD or believes there is no GOD  Evolution is a theory based on numerous assumptions,...

The Case for Christ

by Lee Strobel Former atheist, Lee Strobel, uses his journalistic skills to investigate the evidence for Jesus Christ. Over a 2 years quest for the truth. Lee Strobel, legal editor of the Chicago Tribune, examines the historical accuracy of the Gospels, the personal...

If not God, WHO 13

Who gave living organisms the ability to self-replicate, then limit the growth of every part to precisely form complex organisms? READ MORE

If not God, WHO 12

Why does the fossil record show life appearing rapidly during the Cambrian “explosion”. and not over long periods of time? READ MORE

If not God, WHO 9

Why does it only take days, not hundreds of thousands or millions of years, to transform a caterpillar into a beautiful monarch butterfly? READ MORE