Our Mission

To help people discover the reasoned evidence (Apologetics) for the Christian faith, through an expanded understanding of God’s Creation, his inspired Bible and the nature and teachings of Jesus Christ.

The Cosmos

Our modern day culture appears fixated on movie and television’s portrayal of Jurassic Park dinosaurs, vampires, aliens from outer space, and a universe billions of years old.  The real question is how much of this is reality and how much is fantasy.  We seem to easily accept a fictitious “Mother Nature”, but not a creator “God”.  We find it hard to accept the idea of “absolute truth” and are easily led towards thinking that everything is simply relative. Relative to what…everything else?  You deserve better explanations than that.

World Culture

Many Christian churches and parents fail to equip Christian young people to defend their faith against an increasing tide of skepticism.  Most Pastors, Priests and church leaders appear satisfied with teaching “what” we should believe, not “why” we can believe it.  

A Question of Age

Radiometric Dating methods used in trying to justify billions of years of evolution are notoriously unreliable, inconsistent, and provide dramatically flawed results when the dates are actually known. These methods are based on unprovable and in some cases flawed assumptions.  They are not the best evidence for the age dating.

Geology - Flood & Fossils

Influenced by many modern day evolutionary scientists, a common worldview of the history of the earth and mankind goes something like this.  4.5 billion years ago the earth came into existence.  More recently, about a million or two years ago mankind came into existence after a long period of biological evolution beginning in the primordial oceans.

Biological Evolution

Life on earth did not arise by spontaneous generation.  The simplest of cells is not simple at all, but rather highly complex and marvelously designed…something that Darwin had not imagined.  

The law of biogenesis states that life can only come from life, not nonliving chemicals.  In its simplest form, all living things are composed of nonliving parts.

Biblical Truth

The foundation for Christian Truth is the Bible.  The Bible is a book of history.  It provides wisdom and instruction for living our daily lives.  It guides us with confidence into the future. The Bible represents a lifelong search for truth that ends in eternity.

Believing in God

The truth is that we know instinctively that God exists because the evidence is all around us. Many allow themselves to be willingly deceived, perhaps because they think they will not be accountable to God. They are wrong.  Whether we believe or not, we will ultimately be accountable to God.

Believing in Jesus

Jesus came to earth to testify to the Truth – John 18:37.  He came to atone for the sins of the world – 1John 2:2.  He came to serve and give His life as a ransom for us – Matthew 20:28.  He came to light our path, not to judge us – John 12:46-47.  He came to fulfill the law and the prophets – Matthew 5:17.

Apologetic Moments is designed as a resource to be briefly interjected into normal church services to provide bite-sized apologetic knowledge and understanding which Christians can share with others.  It is an important piece of the armor of God spoken of in Ephesians 6:10-17.

World Culture

Evidence for God

Biblical Morality

Biblical Truth

Jesus – Son of God

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