What About Darwin? 

It is no secret that Darwin started out as a nonconformist Unitarian, and that he was, at one point, studying to enter the ministry.  On his famous trip on the Beagle to the Galapagos Islands, he was an outspoken orthodox believer.  On his return to England he gained popularity, which led to meetings with many people holding views which were not widely accepted at the time.  However, Darwin found these views of great interest to his inquiring mind.  For years, he read a lot of materials from a wide variety of sources, many of which had favored the concept of evolution or natural processes as the method of creation.  In 1838, he was still studying the affects of natural selection on various species.  This is a concept that is supported by creationists.  In fact, the original process was put forward by Christian scientists.  In this period, Darwin began to experiment with ideas that would merge his view of the evidence with that of the church.  

Annie Darwin

Annie Darwin

Then, Darwin’s daughter Anne died.  He was so devistated that he stopped attending church; questioning why if there was a God, He would allow suffering in cases like Annie’s.  His heart hardened towards God.  From that point on he began looking for an explanation for our existence that would not include God.  The scientific evidence was not altered by that event, just Darwin’s view of the evidence.   In 1854, Darwin was still working on his theories about our origins.  Not until 1859 did he publish his famous book the “Origin of the Species.”  In his book, he

suggested that unless the intermediate fossil record could ultimately verify his theory, his theory

would be of little value.  It has been 150 years, and all we have are artist’s drawings of intermediate species in text books, and museum abstracts based primarily on speculation.  When Darwin presupposed life starting from a simple cell in the primordial oceans, he thought he was on a logical path.  He had no idea just how complex even the simplest cell was, having the ability to communicate with the brain, take on food, dispose of waist, and perform other functions as part of a much larger system.  Nor did Darwin have any concept of DNA or RNA, the vastly complex code of life.  Darwinism is not rooted in science; it is rooted in the belief that there is no God.  The scientific evidence is all the same, but the interpretation of that evidence is biased by whether you believe God created, or life and the universe can be explained without God.  It is not unreasonable to suggest that if Darwin were alive today to review the evidence, he might not be an advocate of his own theory.

 You see Darwinism is not rooted in science; it is rooted in the belief that there is no God.  The scientific evidence is all the same, but the interpretation of that evidence is biased by whether you believe God created, or life and the universe can be explained without God.

Most people believe in God, yet our schools only teach evolution theory. Our churches have made little effort to teach the clear and present evidence for creation. Many people and even churches have mistakenly thought they must compromise with evolution, because they are indoctrinated to believe evolution is scientifically sound. This is simply not true based on the observable evidence. So let’s not be too quick to follow a theory that leads to sure death, rather than the hope of eternal life.

There are great books, magazines, DVDs and websites to show you the relevant evidence behind Creation. Seek the Truth.