Our Mission

Creation Data Institute’s (CDI) mission is to help people discover the absolute Truth of God’s Creation, His inspired Bible and the nature and teachings of Jesus Christ, through expanded instruction of the apologetic evidence.


  • Establish expanded apologetic teaching about God, the Bible and Jesus Christ throughout the Christian community.

  • Establish broad acceptance for both biblical Creation and the Bible as historically and scientifically valid.


The Role of CDI

CDI strives to provide clear and credible apologetic evidence in support of Creation by God, the biblical account of history and Jesus Christ, to churches, pastors/priests, teachers, students, and others. We see our role as strengthening the foundations of the Christian experience. We encourage the use of apologetics in all forms of ministry. CDI offers a variety of resources including a comprehesive Website, DVD seminar workshops, resource evaluation, PowerPointTM presentations and other valuable tools. CDI encourages churches to expand their libraries with a wide range of apologetic books, DVDs, magazines available through organizations such as Answers in Genesis (AIG), Institute for Creation Research (ICR), Creation Ministries International (CMI), the Creation Research Society (CRS) and many others. We invite you to explore our website and will value any feedback.

The Role of The Church

The church’s role is changing in the 21st century. The first world is becoming more secular each day, while the third world increasingly embraces Christianity. Evolution has become the sole undisputed faith based religion in our public schools. Atheism is the fastest growing belief system in America. Many churches have mistakenly kept silent or tried fitting evolution theory into the biblical account of Creation. A recent Barna survey and USA Today, tell us 70-75% of Christian students lose their faith in public schools because, despite the vast evidence for Creation by God, they are not trained to defend their faith against the theory of evolution. The media endorses their fascination with ‘millions of years’ daily. The church’s foundation is showing cracks under the weight of the world.

If our Christian churches are to become the instrument for a 21st century renaissance, then they will need to re-equip themselves for spiritual battle. In addition to teaching the message of the Salvation of the Cross, and morale values, our churches need to prepare Christians of all ages to account for their faith beginning with the Genesis explanation of the Creation. The book of Genesis is foundational to every book in the Bible. It is the historic truth backed by overwhelming evidence supporting the Genesis explanation of Creation.  Our churches must become more relevant in our growing secular world by applying this knowledge in defense of Christianity. Churches must build confidence in speaking out against those who would have us believe anything is possible without God.  John 8:32,And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.