Where Creationists agree and disagree with Evolutionists

Creationists and evolutionists both agree with observable science that is testable in the present and allows us to draw conclusions. Historical science considers the past , but can’t be similarly checked out. Although important, historical science is speculative. It is in this area of historical science that Creationists and evolutionists disagree. It may be a surprise to many, with so much evolutionary propaganda floating around, but creationists do believe in genetic variability and adaptation within a species or kind. There are many varieties of dogs ranging from wolves, bull dogs, to poodles. These are all of the same kind. Creationists also agree that adaptation occurs. If one particular animal is better suited to its environment, that animal has a better chance of survival. However, that is where the agreement stops. Animals do not evolve the way evolutionists portray the tree of life. Creationists do not accept that matter and energy came into being without God. Nor do they accept that from the chaos of an explosion, came an orderly universe based on the principals and laws we observe around us. Creationists do not believe life was created from non-living things as do evolutionists.

Why should I Believe in Creation?

In the unlikely event that Creationists are wrong and evolution theory is the cause of everything, then as a believer you are no worse off than a non-believer. However, if evolution theory is not the explanation for our origins, then according to scripture you will be separated from God forever for your disbelief. The evidence around us is pretty clear, but the choice to believe or not believe remains yours.

Observable Evidence for Gods Creation:

 1. The laws of the universe

The universe functions by way of physical laws and principles, which have been the object of discovery and observation since the recording of time. It is illogical to think that these laws just sprang into being as a matter of time and chance. Consider the Second Law of Thermodynamics that states the total amount of energy in the universe is constantly decreasing. There has never been a single exception to this theory. This would suggest that at some point (point of creation) the universe had the original totality of useable energy.

 2. Creation of life from spontaneous non-living inorganic chemicals

This has never been observed and belongs in the world of fantasy, unless you consider supernatural intervention. Life from non-living things is nonsense. This is blind faith in the religion of evolution. Chemist and physicist, Professor Ilya Prigogine, winner of two Nobel Prizes in chemistry, wrote, “The statistical probability that organic structures and the most precisely harmonized reactions that typify living organisms would be generated is zero.” Evolutionists know this, and have now changed their theories to include life coming from outer space, or parallel universes. Napoleon once said that, people would believe anything as long as it was not the Bible. This appears true for evolutionists, as they seem prepared to believe anything as long as it doesn’t involve God.

 3. Irreducible complexity

The eye cannot be reduced into anything less than it is and maintain its function. The eye has thousands of co-equal functions. Take away one of those functions, and it is worthless. The eye could not have evolved. This is only one of many such examples of irreducible complexity that points to God.

4. Fossil record

The observable evidence of the fossil record confirms at least four things.

    1. In what is called by evolutionists, the Pre-Cambrian era, there were no fossils. In the Cambrian era that followed there was an explosion of fossils. Thus, fossils did not appear gradually.
    2. If evolution were true, there should be millions of intermediate fossils to prove it. Even Darwin agreed that if the intermediate fossils could not be found, his theory would be worthless. The intermediate fossil record is non-existent except in the minds of artists and evolutionists. Evolutionists are so desperate to prove the existence of intermediate fossils, that they have perpetrated hoax after hoax on the public. Most evolutionists simply ignore discoveries which conflict with their theory.
    3. Petrified forests in Arizona contain fossilized nests of bees and cocoons of wasps. Evolutionists date the trees at 220 million years old, while bees supposedly evolved 140 million years ago. There are fossils of individual trees encapsulated in different layers of strata of sedimentary rock. Evolutionists have claimed these sedimentary layers span millions of years, yet trees don’t take millions of years to grow.
    4. Some of the earliest fossils, trilobites, had eyes more complex than the human eye, yet trilobites are claimed to be some of the earliest forms of life according to evolutionists.

5. Male and female

Looking at the observable evidence, we have male and female of every species procreating. Evolutionists cannot explain how both male and female of every species could arrive on earth at exactly the same time and in the same location in order to procreate.

6. Population

The mathematics of geometric progression suggests that human population is approximately where it should be based on the biblical account for Creation.

 7. Mount St. Helens Eruption

In the last 30 years, this event provided evidence that coal and petrified wood could form in a very short period of time, not not requiring millions of years. In the same period, we observed that when Spirit Lake gave way below Mount St. Helens, the result was the formation of a canyon that looks similar to the Grand Canyon, except it is 1/40th of the size. This supports the creation theory for the formation of the Grand Canyon by a large volume of water over a short period of time.

 8. DNA

According to the Discovery Channel, the latest scientific DNA evidence suggests that all mankind alive today can be traced back to the First Adam within the biblical time frame. Discovery Channel was so concerned that the evidence did not support evolution, that they fabricated a totally unbelievable story prior to the first Adam to accommodate evolution. They suggested that Adam must have been a great chief, and he must have been the only man in the village that was allowed to breed with all the women. The showed a skull they said was older than Adam to support their story. This shows how far evolutionists will go to deny the existance of God.

 9. The Simple Cell

The simple cell evolutionists believe started the process of life is not simple at all. With the advent of nanoscience and the latest microbiological research, scientists have discovered that even the simplest cell is more complex than most large man-made factories. These cells are highly efficient systems able to communicate with the brain, access resources, dispose of waste, and function in highly complex ways. Interestingly, there are no known living things with two, three, four, or five cells. Most forms of life containing 6 to 20 cells are parasites which require complex organisms like animals to act as hosts. Despite what is printed in many textbooks, the idea of single cells developing from a primordial soup is not considered seriously by a majority of researchers today.

 10. Circular Logic

The age of a fossil is currently determined by the strata in which it is found; while the age of a strata formation is determined by which fossils it contains. If you choose not to believe in a Creator, then in your mind, life requires enormous amounts of time to evolve. That time must be reflected in the age of the earth to support the evolution theory.

 11. Dating Methods

Carbon-14 Dating and other methods of dating are not accurate, and quite often provide proven false data on known materials of specifically identified age. The time-dating methods that appear to support evolution are filled with many assumptions, which make the most common methods the least credible. Data from other credible sources showing a young earth are purposefully ignored by evolutionist.

 12. Probability

The mathematical probability that time and chance created all we observe in the universe and on earth is as close to zero as mathematicians can calculate.

 13. All Scientific Data Is The Same

It is the interpretation of existing science which defines the differences between evolution and creation. Creation science is not a religion, rather it is simply the science which supports the creation model as outlined in the worlds best selling book, the Bible.

 14. Something From Nothing

Science, by definition, is based on systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation. That being said, nobody has ever created something from nothing. Therefore, there is no science observation or experimentation that suggests that the supernatural power of GOD is not the cause for everything that exists.

15. The Body

None of our body organs exist on their own in isolation from the body, and there is no observable science to suggest that they formed by a process of evolution, small changes over long periods of time.

    • The heart does not exist alone
    • The lungs do not exist alone
    • The kidneys do not exist alone.
    • The brain does not exist alone
    • The eyes do not exist alone

These body parts work in conjunction with each other. Take any of these away and life would cease.

 16. Monarch Butterfly

There is no reasonable evolutionary explanation for the metamorphosis of the butterfly. Its life cycle is a true miracle. Here is the description given by Curt Sewell in his book, “God at Ground Zero:”

This amazing insect begins life as an egg laid on the underside of a milkweed plant. After a few days, the tiny larva emerges, and lives for three weeks on the leaf, growing some 2,700 times its original weight. Its become a 2 long caterpillar with yellow, white and black stripes. It then spins a pad, attaches itself to the leaf and hangs motionless head down, for about a half day. Suddenly it jerks convulsively, sheds its outer skin, head, and 16 legs, and is quickly transformed into a jade-green pupa or chrysalis, with gold spots. While in this state, all of its interior parts dissolve into an amorphous green liquid, except for its tiny red pulsating heart. In 8-14 days its outer shell opens and a newly formed butterfly unfolds. It’s ready to fly in a couple of hours. It now has 6 legs, four beautiful orange wings with black borders, a 4″ wing-span and compound eyes that have 6,000 lenses.

Accordingly to author Grant R. Jeffery in his book Creation, there are four generations of Monarch butterflies in the course of a year. Three of these generations are non-migratory and will live for up to 6 weeks. The fourth generation is migratory and will live for about 8 months. In the fall, it will migrate 3,000 miles from Canada and the United States to the Neo-volcanic Mountains of Mexico then return in the spring. Not one generation ever completes the full cycle, yet it is repeated every year. Incredible evidence of God!


17. Evolution Is A Weak Theory

Evolutionists have worked hard to keep the teaching of Creation out of our schools. To be fair, so did creationists try to keep evolution out of the classrooms prior to the current period. In the process, evolutionists have knowingly lied to the public by presenting their case as religion versus science, and falsifying intermediate fossils discoveries. Evolution is a weak theory, which apparently evolutionists believe requires exclusivity to survive. Everybody should be given all the evidence, not just part, so they can make informed choices.