Believing in God

1. Look at the vast expanse of unique galaxies, stars, nebulae.

2. Consider the laws upon which the universe is sustained. These laws are not born out of chaos. They exist because of design.

3. DNA is a code screaming out that all living things are the product of intelligence; not time, chance mutation, and adaptation.

4. Never in recorded history has something been created from nothing.  God is the only logical explanation.

5. Life has never been observed to be created from non-living inorganic chemicals. To believe so is not science, but faith.

6. Observable evidence in the fossil record doesn’t support the theory of evolution. Fossils came into existence rapidly, not gradually, consistent with biblical creation. Having so many fossils around the world to study underscores the biblical flood account.

7. If evolution theory were true, we would see millions of fossils in transition, but we don‘t. Instead we see drawings in books, and man made models of what transitional fossils might look like if indeed they actually existed. This is not real science, it is a belief system void of genuine observable evidence.

8. Most species require both male and female to procreate. Based on evolution (small changes over long periods of time) it is a vast stretch of faith to expect that both a male and female of every species could evolve at exactly the same point in time, and in the same location, in order to then procreate.

9. Human body – Evolution could not have created the complex eye, because the eye would not have had purpose at any stage before it was fully formed. This applies to the heart, lungs, kidneys, brain, stomach, reproductive system.  Evolution is a fraud. Believing each of these complex co-dependant systems, which don’t exist on their own, came into existence at the same time, same place, and fully formed, is a biblical concept, not an evolutionary one. To suggest that the human heart that beats over 100,000 times a day is the product of a mindless, random series of events is equally foolish.

10. The mathematical probability of 8 & 9 is basically zero.

11. Mutations always produce less information, never more.

12. Adaptation occurs within kinds, but never result in a new species.

13. With the development of micro-science, the “simple cell” has been proven to be highly complex, not simple at all. Darwin had no idea that even the smallest cell has numerous systems and functions taking place within it like communications with the brain, absorption of energy,waste disposal, the ability to replicate or not, and other functions.


Believing the Bible

1. The bible is claimed to be the “inspired” Word of God. This means that although written by over 40 diverse authors from 3 different continents, over a period of about 1500 years, and in 3 different languages, the bible has characteristics, which makes it remarkably unique.  The bible is remarkable in the consistency of its content, the accuracy of its prophesy, and the timelessness of its message. It’s the single most widely distributed book in the world.

2. Biblical authors claim that events and written words are inspired by God Himself. (2 Tim. 3:16). The Bible reveals that… a) God exists,b) What He is like, and c) What His will is for our lives.

3. Hundreds of fulfilled biblical prophesies are observable evidence that this book is like none other.

4. The bible’s archaeological accuracy has been long-established.

5. Discovery of 972 Dead Sea Scrolls between 1947-56 confirms once more the accuracy of the bible over time, as do other ancient texts.

6.The book of Genesis provides a clear explanation of how the earth,universe, and life came into being. This explanation is supported by observable evidence in micro-science, cellular biology, astronomy, DNA research, the fossil record, and other scientific endeavors.

7. Before scientific discovery, less than 5000 stars were visible in the night sky, the bible compared stars to grains of sand. Jeremiah 33:22.  The bible suggests stars are unique. Corinthians 15:41. Scientists have recently discovered billions of galaxies, each with billions of stars. Notwo stars appear the same. The bible is filled with brilliant revelations in the fields of astronomy, medicine, biology, physics, geology…..

8. Human population is consistent with the biblical account of creation.

9. Observable science and the bible do not conflict. Newton, Pascal, Lister, Herschel, Simpson, Bacon, Morse, Compton, Da Vinci, Durham, and many other renowned scientists agree.


Believing in Jesus:

1. Most of Jesus’ disciples suffered violent deaths for their belief that Jesus was indeed the Son of God, and for their belief in Jesus’ resurrection. Many were eye witnesses to the event. Who do you know who would give their life for what they knew to be a lie?

2. Jesus suffered a most violent death. He was not a man protecting His material wealth or oppressing people for some ulterior motive. He shared his knowledge with all those who would listen regardless of the consequences  to his own personal being. He lived what He preached with perfection. He performed miracles as evidence of the greatness of God, not for his own benefit.  He taught life’s lessons in simplistic ways so they could be easily understood. His teachings are timeless. He washed the feet of his disciples to demonstrate servitude.  Nothing in recorded history that would lead us to believe Jesus was in possession of less than 100% of his faculties. In that state, he would not have given his life for a known lie.

3. The Old Testament foretells of the coming Messiah, a savior of our world. Many thought that the Messiah would come as a great warrior and could not get beyond those images.  Jesus was not recognized for who He was by many when he went to the cross, just as today. Yet Christianity is the foundation for the leading, most wide spread, religion in the world.

4. Jesus fulfilled so many prophesies in the Old Testament that it is estimated that the mathematical probability of one man fulfilling these is zero.