Life on earth did not arise by spontaneous generation.  The simplest of cell is not simple at all, but rather highly complex and marvelously designed — something that Darwin had not imagined.

The law of biogenesis states that life can only come from life, not nonliving chemicals.  In its simplest form, all living creatures are composed of nonliving parts.

Genetic codes and DNA/RNA are the product of intelligence.  Mutations are simply mistakes and the vast majority of these mistakes have no beneficial effect whatsoever and result in destruction and death.  Even as we look at the human condition, it is subject to more defective events as time goes on.  Based on current observations of mutations, if mankind were as old as evolutionists suggest, we would have gone extinct a long time ago.

Using biology as a tool to put God in an irrelevant light doesn’t make it so.  All it does is distract us from the truth that the miracle of life is a gift from our creator God.

What’s at Stake?

Believing that biological evolution explains away the need for God is a serious mistake with eternal consequences.

Reasons to Question Biological Evolution

  • Biological evolution requires a mechanism for change.  Mutations are not a good mechanism for change since the vast majority of mutations are harmful.  If mutations were a driving force in evolutionary change over long ages, then based on recent  monitoring of the human condition, mankind would be extinct.
  • Reproduction of apes or man requires both male and female to procreate.  Evolution requires that in the beginning both male and female would have had to evolve at the same time and in the same place to procreate.  The mathematical probability of this is basically zero.
  • Our body is the sum total of interdependent, irreducibly complex organs and systems that must be present from the beginning to be viable and to replicate.  For instance the eye is irreducibly complex.  There is no purpose for the eye until it is fully formed. It is the same for the heart, lungs, kidneys, brain, stomach and the reproductive system.  None of these complex interdependent organs function on their own.  Unless they all existed together right from the beginning, there would be no human life.
  • The circulatory system has 60,000 miles (100,000 kms) of blood vessels, arteries and capillaries for transporting blood.  The primary vessels flow from the heart through the body and back to the heart again.  If the flow of blood was not perfectly designed to make the return trip from the beginning, we would  bleed to death.
  • Our blood clotting mechanism has no purpose until it completes several stages of development.  Yet, without this clotting mechanism you would bleed to death from a single cut.  This isn’t the product of an evolutionary accident.  It is a clear description of God’s design.
  • Natural processes do not explain complex molecules that support all matter.
  • The reproductive system is another miracle.  Babies have a totally different life support system before birth — than after birth.  Babies live in a water world and the umbilical cord acts as a temporary replacement for the lungs until the baby is born.
  • Your heart is a miracle organ.  Without any action on your part, your heart beats at a rate of about 100,000 beats per day.  Suggesting that the human heart is the product of a mindless, random series of events is simply foolish.
  • It is an irrefutable biological fact that the fertilized egg is truly an entire human being. Nothing will be added to the first cell except nutrition and oxygen.  Life truly begins at fertilization, Jeremiah 1:5.


  1. Life developed from simple to more complex organisms beginning in the primordial oceans from chemical reactions influenced by electrical forces.
  2. All life forms have common ancestors from animals to trees.
  3. All life forms evolved from lower life forms as is suggested from primates to mankind.
  4. Beneficial mutations are claimed to be the source of change in species.
  5. Our earth is billions of years old allowing enough time for evolution to take place.

Assumptions for Radioisotope Dating

  1. The starting amount of daughter element is assumed to be zero.
  2. All the daughter element present in the tested rock is assumed to be from radioactive decay.
  3. Samples assumed to have been in a closed environment with no other forces acting upon it.
  4. The decay rate is assumed to have always been constant.

Logical Fallacies

  • Evolution theory is not scientific.
  • In Darwin’s time, one could speculate that a simple cell might really be simple.  Today, we know better.  There is no such thing as a simple cell.  The simplest cell is actually highly complex in contravention to biological evolution.
  • If there were a tree of life then we should find billions of transitional fossils, yet they simply don’t exist.  As the “New Scientist” reported on May 20, 1982, “The main problem in reconstructing the origins of man is lack of fossil evidence: all there is could be displayed on a dinner table.”
  • Evolution theory reeks of deception – Piltdown Man – 600 yr. skull of a woman and jaw of 500 year old orangutan ape; Nebraska Man was contrived from an extinct pig; Java Man was 100% human; Ramapithecus was fabricated from a few teeth of a orangutan ape; Lucy was not a hominid after all; Peking Man was human; Cro-Magnon Man was indistinguishable from modern man; Neanderthal Man was human with a pathological condition or disease.
  • Evolution theory contends mankind evolved from primates.  At least 61 primates make up the total primate population today of 1.6 million.  There are 7.3 billion humans living today, 4550 x the primate population.  If evolution theory were true, there should be about 277,500 new species evolved from humans.  There are none.
  • Evolution theory claims that beneficial mutations are key to developing life forms. Yet testable science verifies that harmful mutations dominate the mutation process from fruit flies to humans.

Fatal Flaws

  • The complex interdependent DNA, RNA and Protein model can only exist if God exists.  This is because the protein that makes DNA can only be made from the coded instructions on the DNA itself.
  • Nothing in science or history can explain how life can be created by non-life without God.  Scientific tests to do so have failed.
  • In its absolute simplest form, the human body is made from non-living parts.  Scientists have never created life from nonliving inorganic chemicals.  The law of biogenesis states that life only comes from life.  Life exists only as a sustaining gift from God.


The human body is not a product of evolution. Let’s be clear that we did not evolve from apes or anything else.  We are created by a purposeful loving God.

Mankind has never produced something from nothing.  The only logical explanation is God.