Jesus came to earth to testify to the Truth, John 18:37.  He came to atone for the sins of the world, 1John 2:2.  He came to serve and give His life as a ransom for us, Matthew 20:28.  He came to light our path, not to judge us, John 12:46-47.  He came to fulfill the law and the prophets, Matthew 5:17.

What’s at Stake?

Christianity is founded on the life, character, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Jesus’ purpose on earth was to proclaim the TRUTH and restore our RELATIONSHIP with God.  Jesus claimed to be one with God, John 14:9, 1:14, 8:19, 12:45, Col 1:1.  Without Jesus Christianity does not exist.  There is no parallel in other religions.  Either Jesus was who He claimed to be or He was not.  Let’s look at the evidence.

Reasons to put Your Faith in Jesus

  • Miracles — Jesus used miracles to demonstrate God’s power. Jesus  performed more than 40 miracles, often before thousands of witnesses.  If you don’t believe in miracles, consider the modern day miracles we observe first hand.  The miracle of birth.  The miracle of a caterpillar which turns into a butterfly in days. The miracle of the human body with all its interdependent, irreducibly complex organs and systems working together. Miracles are real.  They exist to glorify God.
  • Prophecy — The Old Testament foretells of the coming Messiah who would save the world.  Most had envisioned a great warrior who would restore the Jewish people to their former glory.  God had a different approach in mind.  Jesus fulfilled so many Old Testament prophesies that the mathematical probability of one man fulfilling these is basically zero.
  • John 14:6 (NKJV) — Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

Evidence for Jesus’ Resurrection

The hope for mankind is that through Jesus we can have eternal life.  The resurrection of Jesus three days after His crucifixion is true.  Here is the evidence.

  • Those guarding  Jesus’ tomb would not have allowed removal of Jesus’ body under the penalty of death.  
  • 2000 years ago women lacked credibility as witnesses.  If the account were contrived, men would have discovered the empty tomb, not women.
  • Hundreds of people saw Jesus after His resurrection.
  • Upon Jesus’ arrest, several disciples, fearing for their lives, denied knowing Jesus.  After Jesus’ resurrection all were convinced Jesus was who He claimed to be.  Thereafter, most disciples died a violent death for their belief that Jesus had risen.  Nobody would sacrifice themselves for something they knew to be a lie.  Thousands died at the hands of the Romans for believing in Jesus and many were first hand witnesses to the truth.


Jesus was the Son of God, John 14:5-14. For further reference: Matthew 3:17,  17:5, Mark 1:11, John 1:14, 5:26, 1 John 14:13, 5:10, Acts 13:33, Luke 3:22, 8:28, Romans 1:4, Hebrews 5:5.

Jesus suffered a most violent death.  He was not a man protecting His material wealth or oppressing people for some ulterior motive.  He shared His knowledge with all those who would listen regardless of the consequences to His own personal well being.  He lived what He preached with perfection.  He performed miracles as evidence of the greatness of God — not for His own benefit.  He taught life’s lessons in simplistic ways so they could be easily understood. His teachings are timeless.  He washed the feet of his disciples to demonstrate servitude and humbleness.

From recorded history in the Bible, Jesus died because He would not deny who He was and what His purpose was on this earth.